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1. The irisimo.com website is operated by HODINKY SK, s.r.o., Mostová 3, Ružomberok, Slovakia, VAT: SK2023439979. Throughout all pages of the website, the terms "our", "us" and "we" represent the company HODINKY SK, s.r.o. Our website, you currently browse, including all the information, tools and services presented here, is available to you provided you agree to all the terms, conditions, and notices. At the same time, by visiting these sites and by purchasing any product offered, you agree to comply with the applicable terms and conditions, including additional contractual terms and conditions. These terms apply without exception to all visitors and users of this website (buyers, sellers, merchants, or content makers). Please be careful to read the terms carefully before you choose to use our services. These terms of services cover current status of irisimo.com and planned extensions and features. However, as these terms may change, you are responsible to make yourself familiar with the current version of the terms before each use of the site. Company HODINKY SK, s.r.o. reserves the right to amend, modify and supplement any point of the terms of the contract at its sole discretion and needs.

2. Terms of Internet online sale

By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions and declare that you are an adult in your country and place of residence, and you are consent to the use of the website by your minors. The goods and services offered on this site may not be used for any kind of illegal activity or unauthorized purposes that would violate applicable law in your jurisdiction, including copyrights. You are required to ensure computer security and make sure that you cannot transfer computer viruses, malware or other dangerous and destructive codes to your computer. We are allowed to block access to our services in case we find you violate these terms, whether consciously or unconsciously.

3. General conditions

Without giving any reason, we reserve the right at any time to disallow services in whole or in part. The information you provide to our company, except for credit card details, can be transmitted in unencrypted form through networks of different typologies depending on the requirements of these networks. Information regarding credit cards is always encrypted. By using the irisimo.com site, you agree that under no circumstances will you be able to sell the purchased goods or services for profit, and that you will not copy, reproduce or duplicate the published content without our written approval.

4. Correctness and completeness of published data

Company HODINKY SK, s.r.o. is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the published information. The text and image material of the site is general, informative and without confrontation, and comparison with more accurate, complete and up-to-date resources should not be the guiding ground for decision-making. By browsing and using our site, you take on responsibility for tracking content changes. We reserve the right to modify and supplement the information, but this right is not our responsibility.

5. Products

Selected products and services can only be available through online sales. These products and services, the quantity of which may be limited in number or in time, are subject to the conditions applicable to the return of the goods. Despite the effort we have made to capture the look and the colors of the goods we offer, we can not guarantee a correct color display of all types and displays. Descriptions, characteristics, and parameters of the service products offered may be changed at any time without notice. We reserve the right to withdraw any product at any time. As a seller, we do not take responsibility for the fact that the purchased goods or service will meet your expectations. In specific, individually assessed cases, we can limit the quantity of products and not deliver them to certain countries or regions.

6. Inaccuracies and incorrect information

In rare cases, irisimo.com may contain information about the price, availability, product characteristics, or shipping charges that contain inaccuracies, errors in the text, or incomplete information. We reserve the right to modify this information at any time. If this information has caused the deceptive impression for the decision to make the order, we are entitled to cancel the order without giving any reason. We are not obliged to edit, update, and supplement the information posted on the website, including prices and fees, except if required by law.

7. Billing and accuracy of data

We have the right to refuse or modify any order received. We may, at our discretion, refuse and modify the order, especially in the case of excessive quantities of ordered products and in case of suspicion of orders from sellers and distributors. Restrictions may include orders from the same customer account, registered payment card, delivery or billing address, or phone number. Based on this, you agree to provide true, accurate, and complete information in your customer account, including updated payment card information so that you can make a transaction on your order without delay.

8. Personal Data and Their Protection

8.1. The Contracting Parties agree that the Buyer is obliged to announce his/her name and surname, permanent address, including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address, in the case of a natural person, for the purpose of properly preparing and delivering the order.

8.2. The Contracting Parties agree that in the case of the Buyer being a legal entity, in order it is obliged to inform the Seller about the address of the registered office, including postal code, company ID, VAT ID (if assigned), telephone number and email address for the purpose of the proper preparation and delivery of the order.

8.3. The Buyer who has registered in the online shop can check and change his/her personal data provided at any time, as well as cancel his/her registration after logging in to the website of the online shop at https: //www.irisimo.en/account/profile, by completing form “Request to Delete Digital Trace” form.

8.4. The Seller notifies the Buyer, that pursuant to Art.  Article 6, Letter b) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”), the Seller as the Controller of the information system will process the Buyer’s personal data without his/her consent as the Data Subject in the process of concluding the purchase agreement, since the processing of the personal data of the Buyer will be performed by the Seller within pre-contractual relationships with the Buyer and the processing of the Buyer’s personal data is essential for the fulfillment of the purchase agreement, into which the Buyer enters as one of the contracting parties.

8.5. Pursuant to Art. 6, Paragraph 1, Letter f) of the Regulations, upon delivery of the ordered goods by the Seller or services toward the Buyer, on the basis of a legitimate interest also process the Buyer’s personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, and to send to the Buyer’s email address information on new products, discounts and sales on offered goods or services.

8.6. The Seller undertakes to handle and store the Buyer’s personal data in accordance with applicable Slovak legislation.

8.7. The Seller declares that, in accordance with Art. Article 5, Paragraph 1 a) and Letter b) of the Regulations, the Buyer’s personal data will be acquired solely for the purpose stated in these terms and conditions.

8.8. The Seller declares that, for purposes other than those stated in these terms and conditions, it will always acquire the Buyer’s personal data on an appropriate legal basis, while ensuring that such personal data are processed and used exclusively in a manner consistent with the purpose for which they were gathered and will not associate them with personal data that have been obtained for another purpose or for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase agreement.

8.9. Before sending an order, the Buyer will be asked to confirm by ticking the box before sending the order that the Seller has communicated the following to him/her in a sufficient, comprehensible and unmistakable manner:
a) its identification data as referred to in Art. 1 of these terms and conditions demonstrating the identity of the Seller,
b) the contact details of the Seller or responsible person of the seller,
c) the purpose of personal data processing, which is the conclusion of a purchase agreement between the Seller and the Buyer and the legal basis for the processing of personal data,
d) that the Buyer is required to provide personal data for the purpose of concluding the purchase agreement and the proper preparation and delivery of the order,
e) if the processing is based on Art. 6, Paragraph 1, Letter f) of the Regulation that the legitimate interests the Seller is pursuing is direct marketing,
f) the identification data of third parties, which is the company delivering the ordered goods to the Buyer, or the identification data of other recipients or categories of recipients of personal data if they exist,
g) the retention period of personal data, or the criteria for its determination,

8.10. The Seller declares that it will process personal data in accordance with good morals and act in a manner that does not conflict with and will not circumvent the Regulation or any other generally binding legal regulation.

8.11. The Seller, in accordance with the Regulation, provides the following information to the Buyer whose data it processes:
a) the identity and contact details of the Seller and, where applicable, the Seller’s representative,
b) the contact details of the possible responsible person,
c) the processing purposes for which the personal data are intended, as well as the legal basis of the processing,
d) if the processing is based on Art. 6, Paragraph 1, Letter f) the legitimate interests pursued by the Seller or third party,
e) the circle of recipients or categories of recipients of personal data, if any,
f) in the relevant case, the possible information about which the Seller intends to transfer personal data to a third country or to an international organization,
g) the retention period of personal data, or the criteria for its determination,
h) information on the existence of the right to request from the Seller access to his or her personal data and the right to correct or delete or restrict the processing or the right to object to the processing as well as data portability rights,
i) the right to file a grievance with a supervisory authority,
j) information on whether the provision of personal data is a legal or contractual requirement or a requirement necessary to conclude a contract, whether the Buyer is required to provide personal data, and the possible consequences of not providing such data,
k) the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling;
The Buyer has the right to obtain from the Seller a copy of the personal data that are being processed and has the right to obtain all the above-mentioned information. For any further copies requested by the Buyer, the Seller may charge a fee corresponding to the administrative cost of creating a copy

8.12. If the Buyer exercises his/her right according to Point 8.11 in writing or electronically, and in the content of his/her request implies that he/she is exercising his/her right according to Point 8.11, the application shall be deemed to have been filed according to this Regulation.

8.13. The Buyer has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data by the Seller, which are assumed to being processed or will be processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling to the extent it is related to such direct marketing. If the Buyer objects to such processing, the Seller terminates the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes from the date of the Seller receiving such an objection, and the personal data of the Buyer may no longer be processed and processed for such purposes.

8.14. If the Buyer suspects that his/her personal data is being processed unlawfully, he/she may file a grievance with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. If the Buyer does not have the fullest extent of legal capacity, his/her rights may be exercised by a legal representative.

8.15. The Seller will adopt appropriate measures to provide the Buyer with all the information specified in Point 9.11 in a concise, transparent, comprehensible and easily accessible form, clearly and simply formulated. The Seller will provide the information electronically or in accordance with the Regulation through other means agreed upon with the Buyer.

8.16. Information on the measures adopted at the request of the Buyer will be provided by the Seller to the Buyer without undue delay, in every case within one month of receiving the request.

8.17. The Seller hereby announces to the Buyer that, as a result of fulfilling the contract, that in the processing of the Buyer’s personal data it is presumed that the Buyer’s personal data will be provided and made available to the following third parties, or circle of recipients:
Accountant and Wages - Diana Odorčáková - ACCOUNTING OFFICE, Janovcika 625, 03495 Likavka, ID: 45306966
Online store application provider - Elicase, s.r.o., M.Koperníka 22, 91701 Trnava, .ID: 46863524
Carrier: FROGMAN s.r.o., Komenského 25, 76302 Zlín, ID: 49434624

9. Prices and range of services

We have the right to adjust the prices of the offered goods without prior notice. We are authorized to change the prices and scope of services at any time. We bear no liability to the buyer or third parties for the price adjustment, suspension of service or offer limitation.

10. Ratings, comments, posts

We reserve the right to modify, remove, copy, publish, and other use in any form and on any medium for all textual information and other materials posted on our site in the form of comments, product ratings, feedback or questions and answers. We are not obliged to respond to the comments and we are also not obliged to pay compensation. We have the right, but not the duty to monitor, edit or remove content that would be in violation of good morals, law, or violation of third party intellectual property, including trademarks, privacy, personality, copyright, and property rights. Before you add any content to our site, you agree that it will not contain unlawful, malicious, offensive, obscene, defamatory and other material that is inconsistent with morality and is likely to affect functionality of the site and the provision of services. When making comments and communicating with us, you are required to state your existing and used e-mail address. We bear no responsibility for comments and other information published on irisimo.com by third parties.

11. Prohibited use

The content posted on these sites and website itself, in addition to the prohibitions in the Terms of Service, is subject to the prohibition of illegal use; violation of international, federal or state regulations and regulations and violation of intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights of third parties. Content or pages themselves may not be any means of harassing, insulting, damaging, disparaging, discriminating on grounds of gender, race, origin, age or disability. It is also forbidden to use information as a carrier for the transmission of viruses, spam, or other malicious software to harm or restrict the service, collect customer information, tamper with security features of any related sites, and intend to commit fraudulent transactions. We are entitled to prevent access to our services for both, conscious and unconscious violation of these conditions,

12. Limitation of Liability

We do not guarantee and we can not provide any form of guarantee that there will be no interruptions, outages, and traffic or safety restrictions when using the services available on our site. We reserve the right to suspend service for an indefinite period of time, without prior notice and liability for damages incurred. The use and the inability to use our site is at your own risk. All products and services, unless stated otherwise, are provided as they are, without warranty or other similar terms. We shall not be liable for any loss, injury, loss of earnings, loss of data, criminal activity, and any direct or indirect limitations and damages that may arise in connection to the use of the products and services offered. As some countries or jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or loss of liability for damages, including accidental or negligent, in those states and jurisdictions, the liability of our company is determined to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

13. Contract cancellation

The terms and conditions are effective until one of the parties terminate the contract. Termination of the contract by the buyer is enforceable at any time either by written notification to the. 

The obligations of the parties that arose before the date of termination of the contract shall remain in force for all legal purposes. In the event that we consider or suspect that you have breached the Terms of Service, we are entitled to terminate the contract without prior notice, and you will remain liable for all unpaid amounts valid till the date of termination.

Inability to apply or enforce any right or to make provision for contractual terms is not a sign of surrender of this right. The terms and conditions are a complete understanding of the agreement and understanding between the parties, being a superior document to all past or present agreements, proposals and announcements, both in writing and in oral proceedings. Any ambiguity in the interpretation of the terms of the contract can not be interpreted against the plaintiff.

These contractual terms and all separate contracts associated with the provision of services are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.

For questions regarding terms of service, please contact our company at info@irisimo.com