Extended warranty

In the case of purchasing a watch on irisimo.com, for which this fact is stated, you automatically and FREE of charge get an extension of the warranty by 12 months.

General extended warranty conditions:

1. Extended Warranty:
 1.1. An extended warranty is a service that is provided for purchased watches, for which this fact is stated on the relevant page on the web interface (usually watches worth over € 98,00, except for some selected models, where we are unable to provide Extended warranty, namely especially some smart watches), which lasts for 12 months after statutory 24-month warranty period expires.
 1.2 The Extended Warranty covers the free watch repairs for watches that have stopped working due to a manufacturing or material defect.
 1.3 The extended warranty beyond the statutory warranty period is provided exclusively by IRISIMO s. r. o. and not by the manufacturer.

2. Conditions of application
 2.1 The extended warranty can only be provided if the watch has been used in accordance with the instructions for use and in a manner that corresponds to the normal use of the watch
 2.2 The extended warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use, particularly: wear and tear to the glass, case, bracelet or strap. The extended warranty does not cover battery consumption, when it has been used in the watch.
 2.3 The Extended Warranty cannot be used if the watch has been repaired or modified by a repairer other than an authorised repairer, or if the watch has been otherwise tampered with by a non-professional repairer.
 2.4 The Extended Warranty cannot be used in the event of defects caused by fires and natural disasters.
 2.5 The extended warranty only applies to a watch:
  - for which the extended warranty is explicitly stated on the relevant watch page on the web interface;
  - that was purchased from the online shop IRISIMO.
  - that was delivered to the address IRISIMO s. r. o., Bystricka cesta 5633/16A, 03401 Ruzomberok, Slovakia by the Buyer, together with the warranty card and the claim form received by email after submitting the online claim form at Complaint form
 2.6 The Buyer is responsible for costs associated with the delivery of the watch to our address. The cost of returning the watch to the Buyer is borne by the Seller.

 2.7 The Seller will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the Buyer's inability to use the Product properly due to damage during the Extended Warranty Period.

 2.8 The Extended Warranty can only be exercised at the full price of the Goods as stated on the Seller's website. It cannot be redeemed after using a discount voucher.

 2.9. The Extended Warranty does not apply to products on sale and to products where an additional discount (discount voucher) has been applied.

3. Extended Warranty handling method:

 3.1. the Seller ensures that the defect is repaired at their own expense and without undue delay.

 3.2 In the event that the Seller or an authorised service centre deems that the product is beyond repair, the Buyer is then entitled to a replacement or a further purchase at a discount of up to 100% of the original watch price (the Seller will issue a discount coupon).

 3.3 The extended warranty is extended by the period during which the watch has been in repair.

4. Extended Warranty validity and termination

 4.1 By replacing the watch or by issuing a discount voucher for 100% of the original watch price, the original Extended Warranty expires and the Buyer automatically receives the Extended Warranty for the new watch.

 4.2 The Extended Warranty’s validity begins on the day after the end of the statutory warranty and ends 12 months after its commencement.

5. Complete Terms and Conditions

 5.1 Further information can be found in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS