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Basic features

Collection HUAWEI WATCH GT 3
Model 55027150
Warranty 2 years
Color beige
Movement wireless charging
Water resistance 50M/5ATM
Crystal gorilla glass
Sports modes > 100
Compatibility IOS / Android
Screen resolution 466x466 px
Display touch / always on / AMOLED
Battery capacity 292 mAh
Battery life - standard mode (days) 7
App language EN / DE / SK / CZ / HU / PL / FR / ES / IT / HR / SL / BG / ET / FI / EL / LT / LV / RO / SV
Internal storage 4 GB
Gender women's
Type smart
Weight 300 g


Material leather
Closure type pin buckle
Width 20 mm


Case colour gold tone
Material plastic / stainless steel
Shape round
Diameter 42 mm
Thickness 10 mm


  • original packaging HUAWEI
  • official guarantee


Barometer (260/1100 hPa), Bluetooth calling, Storm alarm, Daily alarm, Breathing exercises, GPS navigation, Tide indicator, Smart waking-up, Light intensity, Calorimeter, Pedometer, Period calendar, Blood oxygenation measurement, Heart rate monitor, Stress measurement, Body temperature measurement, Sleep monitor, NFC, Notifications, Weather forecast, Customisable dials, Route back, Smartwatch, Sports modes, Stopwatch, Training analyses, Training functions, Idle warning, Drinking regime warning, Sunrise/sunset display
Detailed description

Detailed description

Case material: plastic

Mostly of rubber, resins or silicone. This type of material has high flexibility, is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and does not absorb sweat.

Case material: stainless steel

Stainless steel 316L (Stainless Steel) is a very durable material that theoretically can not be destroyed. It is hard (non-bendable and non-crackable), color stable, antiallergic (does not react with body fluids and therefore no metal components are not released into the skin and flesh) and has anticorrosive surface (the surface is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Moreover, it is also resistant to fresh and salt water).

Movement: wireless charging

Strap material: leather

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of Precision straps. It looks elegant, feels warm, and easily adapts to the wrist.

Barometer (260/1100 hPa)

A special sensor measures the air pressure, measured values ​​are shown on the display of the watch. The measuring range is 260/1100 hPa. The display unit is 1hPa. The display shows the graph of atmospheric pressure. The chart changes are recorded automatically at regular intervals. According to the changes in the graph one can easily determine changes in weather.

Bluetooth calling

Make or receive calls directly from your watch. Thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone, the watch replaces wireless hands-free, so you have your hands free and can completely concentrate on the activity that you're currently performing.

Storm alarm

In the case of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure watch alerts incoming storm by a beeping sound.

Daily alarm

The alarm is repeated every day at the specified time.

Breathing exercises

Relieve stress and reduce stress levels. Start breathing exercises, follow the instructions on the watch screen and return to peace.

GPS navigation

The watch is equipped with GPS navigation.

Tide indicator

The display of the watch shows current state of the tide in a simple graph. This view is based on the current moon phase. By entering latitude and longitude of your position you can easily display current tide level.

Smart waking-up

Light intensity


The watch calculates calories consumption during exercise.


Sensor sports feature using a built-in triaxial accelerometer. The step counter can be started manually, or it starts automatically when recording a walk or run. The display shows the total number of steps and the number of steps per hour, with a target setting of 1,000 to 50,000 steps available, accompanied by a sound alert. The watch face also indicates your walks progress with a lack of activity alert.

Period calendar

Blood oxygenation measurement

Heart rate monitor

With the built-in optical sensor, heart activity is monitored up to a maximum of 220 beats per minute. It's possible to record and display the current heart rate, which is the basis for setting the target rate, evaluating the minimum and maximum rate, a graphical indication of the current rate zone and a graph of the course of heart rate.

Stress measurement

Body temperature measurement

Sleep monitor

When activated, it monitors and records selected body functions while sleeping. Based on the stored motion and heart rate sensor data, it‘s possible to analyse the course and quality of sleep in the application, as well as detecting the approximate cause of morning fatigue.


Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless technology enables contactless payments or fast connections to other similarly equipped devices.


Smart watches are able to alert you with a sound for an incoming message or event. Notifications can be set for social networks, SMS, email, applications, calendar and alarm clock.

Weather forecast

Based on changes of atmospheric pressure, the watch can predict the weather for next few hours.

Customisable dials

Change the look of your clock dial quickly and easily. The options are virtually unlimited, and it's up to you whether you use your favourite photo or a luxury watch face design.

Route back

When you start Route back at the start of a workout or nature walk, the watch records the route you took and when you reach your destination, it guides you reliably back to where you started off .


The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with devices running on Android and iOS.

Sports modes


Stopwatch enables to measure time intervals.

Training analyses

View advanced training data, including exercise status and fitness activity progress, training load development, VO2MAX, and calculation of approximate recovery time.

Training functions

A comprehensive set of useful features includes a display for distance travelled, speed, speed of movement and a number of other values calculated based on a combination of data obtained from GPS and accelerometer. Features provide an overview of time (elapsed time, lap time, lap length, average speed), altitude (cumulative ascent, cumulative descent, ascent/descent speed), calories burned and heart rate.

Idle warning

Based on data received from the motion sensors, the watch indicates the need to perform the activity to achieve the planned energy output.

Drinking regime warning

The watch alerts you at regular intervals with regard to the need of hydrating your body, ensuring optimal conditions for the training process.

Sunrise/sunset display

Based on your latitude and longitude inputs, the sunset and sunrise times are displayed.

Water resistance: 50M/5ATM

Watches marked with water tightness 50M/5ATM are designed for incidental contact with water (car wash, rain), but also for surface swimming without diving. 50M/5ATM indicates the degree of water resistance standardized by ISO 2281. ISO tests include temperature changes, depth, pressure (water and air) for different times under rest and during manipulation with the operative part of the watch.

Crystal: gorilla glass

Glasses that are highly resistant to scratches from the American company Corning, and they also achieve excellent results in relation to crack resistance. Their properties are continuously improved. At present, the top model is Gorilla Glass Victus, which can handle a fall from a height of 2 metres without damage.

Closure type: pin buckle

The most widely used method of fastening, which is mainly used in leather and silicone straps. Simply turn on the buckle into the required holes as needed.

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